Tensoflex has a specialized division in acoustics that offers materials and resources to provide a higher sound comfort in internal places.

The sound control is given by installing our micro perforated Stretch Ceilings on ceilings or as hanging panels or vertical panels. Those systems absorb the sound waves, reducing the reverberation. Combining our system with absorbing materials such as mineral wool, batt insulation, fiberglass insulations and others, will have great effect on the ambient acoustics with appealing aesthetics.

Tensoflex offers different options for acoustical absorption that includes wide Stretch Ceilings to be used as Ceiling, geometric modules and absorbing panels. All of them with different options of colors and finishes.

In case of using the Stretch Ceiling as a Ceiling in any room, it’s possible to install light spots, HVAC grills and diffusers, smoke detectors and sprinklers. Recommended to corporate and commercial spaces, theaters, restaurants, clubs, etc.